Code of Ethics at GC Company

At GC Company corp., we pledge to practice our Code of Ethics that our company and employees must uphold. We value and respect a variety of stakeholders, including employees, society, partners, and customers, and we are committed to adhering to corporate ethics and legal standards.


  • Placing customer value at the forefront, we provide top-notch services.

  • Safeguarding customer assets and information is a priority.


  • Our transactions are grounded in mutual respect and fairness, with a focus on mutual growth.

  • We refrain from accepting unfair advantages or engaging in bribery through our dominant position.


  • We treat employees with respect and provide equal opportunities based on their abilities and qualifications.

  • We cultivate an environment where employees can work voluntarily based on trust.


  • Pursuing social value, we fulfill our social responsibilities through community engagement.

  • We maintain a neutral stance when it comes to politics.

You can report violations of ethical management related to GC Company corp. to the window below. The reporter's information is kept confidential so as not to be disclosed, and the email information received is used only for the purpose of reporting violations of ethical management and informing of results.

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Processing method

Reports are quickly and accurately investigated by the Eogi Eottae Company Ethics Council.

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The results of your report will be notified individually via email.